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Thoughtful Words For A Thank You Note
For All Occasions

Writing Thank You Notes - Thank You Note Wording Made Easy

I suppose in this age, i.e. the internet and emails, cell phones and text messaging, we've completely lost touch  with the simple concept of thank you notes and thank you note wording.

Let's return then, and instead of "thanks for the present, Aunt Tillie, you rock" or "right back atcha, Grandma, that gift is rockin" - a simple thank you note with thank you note wording can be quite easy and will definitely get the message across, I promise.  Grandma is probably still scratching her head on that one, lol.  

Believe it or not, thank you notes can improve the frequency and the quality of the gifts you receive.  When friends and loved ones feel that you actually notice the pleasant things they've done for you, guess what?  You got it, they'll give more!  Do not, of course, let this be your only reason for writing thank you notes.  Your thank you note wording should always convey heartfelt thoughts.

Make writing thank you notes easy on yourself.  Get some stationery, attractive post cards or just plain note cards and keep them handy and in plain sight, so that you can write thanks within the proper time frame, as the need arises.  Try to avoid the pre-inscribed notes and instead, make thank you note wording your own.

To help make your thank you notes meaningful, pay attention to the following 5 tips:

1.  Begin with the giver's name:

'Dear Grandma,'

You're probably saying, of course I would start with the person's name, but you'd be surprised how many people forget to do this.  Use either blue or black ink, because above all else, the words to the message should always stand out.  Remember, never type  your message or use a word processor, never!

2. Express Your Appreciation

'Thank you for the laptop.'

Let your thank you note wording be specific in mentioning the gift, and let the person know how much you appreciate it, what you will be using it for, how thoughtful they were in choosing it, and how it has or will impact your life.

If you're thanking someone for something intangible (such as helping you move, or meeting you at the airport when you were stranded), begin by defining what the intangible thing is, and then express your gratitude for what it was they did in a heartfelt way.

3.  How The Gift Will Be Used

'The laptop will get plenty of use when I begin school this year.'

Say something nice about the gift and how you will use it.  Even if you don't like the gift, there is always something about it that you can make a positive statement about.

4.  Mention The Occasion

'It was great to see you at my graduation.'

Let them know how important their presence was (if it applies) and what it means to your relationship with them.  Let them know they are in your thoughts.

5.  Graciousness

'Thanks again for your gift and your generosity.'

Express your gratitude again, and then wrap up your thank you note (see below) with an appropriate sign off.

'Love always,
Warm regards,

Now go show your love, try your hand with some deeply felt thank you note wording, and write those great thank you notes!

Writing Thank You Notes - Thank You Note Wording Made Easy

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