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Thoughtful Words For A Thank You Note
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Thank You Notes Shower Cards

What a lovely baby shower you had along with all the many heartfelt gifts received from friends and family. Now is the time before you get busier than ever, to complete and send thank you notes shower cards as soon as possible, before the baby's birth.

It's understandable, that looking at the stack of blank cards, you perhaps feel overwhelmed with the thought of getting them completed when you have so many things to do. However, if you keep a few simple basics in mind, it will not be as daunting a task as you might be thinking.

First of all, because your guests went to a lot of time and expense in choosing a gift for baby and attending your shower, you should take the time to send hand written thank you notes shower cards, and not computer generated bulk thank you cards.

Make sure you mention the specific gift in each thank you note, i.e., "thank you for the perfect baby blanket, little Christianne will be warm and snuggly the whole winter!". In other words, do not generalize with words such as "we appreciate the gift you gave the baby" - that is just too impersonal and would not go over well.

Baby Thank You Wording

You should not start the message with thank you, but instead you should always use the gift giver's name, like, "Dear Aunt Mary", and always end the thank you card with something like, Love, Vicki, Kevin and little Christianne", or "With love, Julie and baby Michael".

Another important factor when composing your thank you notes shower cards, is to be sincere. Find something nice to say about each gift you received, but be truthful.

If Aunt Mary made the most awful pair of booties you've ever seen, you can still thank her in a sincere way. For instance, you can thank her for the time and effort she put forth to create those booties. The fact that she cared deserves much gratitude.

If the gift you received has some sort of special meaning, be sure to share the meaning with the person who gave the gift. For example, It will thrill them to know they gave the baby a gift that is so much like the one you saw in a store, and had promised yourself you would one day buy that for your baby.

Be sure thank each person for attending the shower. Let them know how much you not only appreciate their gift, but the fact that they were present with you on such a special day.

Remember to also take time to mention how much you appreciate the people who hosted your baby shower. Be sure they are aware of your gratitude for all of the hard work that it took in planning the shower, and how much it meant to you.

Finally, if your baby has already been born by the time you mail your thank you notes shower cards, include a photograph of your little one in each thank you card.

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