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Thank You Poems To Teachers

Thank you poems to teachers are ways to show your gratitude and appreciation for the dedication and support a teacher has given - sometimes against all odds (we've all been there...).

So to thank them for all of their hard work would be a wonderful gesture to let them know you "got it", and their work was not in vain.

We've collected a few meaningful thank you poems to teachers for you to pass on to your favorite teacher.

Your Education is important and so is your success!

Feel free to copy and paste any of the sample thank you poems to teachers you find. If you need more choices, click any of the links on our site. In case you're interested, we also have graduation verses and a thank you note Thesaurus to aid in your writings.

To your success!
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Thank You Poems To Teachers

New! You're the person that I most admire,
The person that I most would like to be.
Your friendship, like a torch, has lit a fire
Deep within the cave where I am me.
Because of you, I want to be a teacher,
Touching someone's life as you've touched mine.
And when I'm you I'll know just how to reach her,
Giving her the faith that she can shine.
Though you now must leave, and we must part,
A little piece of you remains behind,
Held with gratitude within my heart,
A portrait of a lady good and kind.
You will be part of everything I do;
When I need strength, I'll look inside for you.
~Nicholas Gordon


Some teachers make the day more fun,

They're kind and patient, too,
And I just thought you ought to know
That one of them is YOU!

This special gift was chosen because I wanted you to know
That I am forever grateful for your hard work to help me grow.
Your constant understanding and always being there,
Shows me I can do it and tells me that you care!


You teach children lessons
that helps them as they grow,
So let this gift remind you,
You are the Grandest teacher we'll ever


Thank You Poems to Teachers from Thank You Note Wording.info

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