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From Thank You Note Wording

Thoughtful Words For A Thank You Note
For All Occasions

Thank You Poems - For All Occasions

Need to say thank you? What better way than to use thank you poems to express your gratitude. Thank you note wording can be in the form of thank you poems, even a short poem to say thank you might be all you need.

Whether your thank you note is in the form of thank you verses, friendship quotes, used for business thank you notes or baby thank you wording, saying thank you is always a wonderful touching way to show your appreciation.

Choose the most sought after thank you poems for the generous people who have graced your life to let them know how much you appreciate their kindness. Try our Thank You Note Thesaurus for more colorful and descriptive words for your notes and thank you letters.

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Thank You Poems - Free For Any Occasion

"With tiny hands and tiny feet
I hope that very soon we'll meet
I hope that you will stay a while
And make my mommy (and daddy) smile.

Although I can't be there today
There's something sweet that I'd like to share,
Thank you for your gifts and wishes
Please help mommy with the dishes.
And enjoy this wonderful cake!

Love from Baby (Johnson)"


"Thank you for visiting
Call again soon
And when you do
We'll be over the moon"


"So from the tips of our boots
To the tops of our hats
We thank you for your present
And your hearty congrats"


"Just a card to thank you
And a line to tell you too.
Nothing could have been more welcome
Than that thoughtful gift from you."


You always do such heartfelt things
They have your special touch.
It certainly was nice of you,
And we thank you very much!


Thank you

(From the collection "The poem of the homeless souls")

Thank you!

For the smile
you always gave us
when you were alive.

For showing us the way
how we can return to life.

For being there
in the moments when
we needed a helping hand
to go on again.

For the calming light
of your tender eyes.

For trying to return
our lost smiles.

For all your,
giving us a hope,
words expressed
that were also
in your unselfish deeds
~Igor Status, Netherlands


Thank You Poems from Thank You Note Wording.info


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