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From Thank You Note Wording

Thoughtful Words For A Thank You Note
For All Occasions

Thank You Note Etiquette

(Do's and Dont's)

Thank you note etiquette is an expression of appreciation for a gift or a thougtful act. The most important thing to keep in mind is to thank the person for the gift or act of generosity as genuinely and graciously as possible. Remember to make mention of the gift or gesture when forming your thank you note wording.
Find on this page an easy guide to 9 of the do's and dont's that make up thank you note etiquette. The most important thank you note etiquette is to express thanks from the heart, more so than to think your thank you note has to be written perfectly, and you'll have the perfect thank you messages to write in cards.

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9 Do's and Dont's of Thank You Note Etiquette

1. Don't delay in sending your thank you note. Send your thank you note as soon as possible - usually within a week of receiving the gift or gesture.

2. Do make sure to double-check the address before addressing the front of the envelope.

3. Do Use 'Mr and Mrs' for formal notes and use first names ofr more intimate or casual relationships.

4. Don't send a typed or computer-printed thank you note with a hand-addressed envelope. Whatever you choose, they should match.

5. Do add a complement such as 'You have wonderful taste', or 'you are such a thoughtful and kind person, and I'm blessed to have you in my life'. People enjoy knowing they are appreciated.

6. Do keep your thank you note to a paragraph or two in length. You can make it longer if you want to, but it is not expected.

7. Do make sure to double-check the address before addressing the front of the envelope.

8. Do check the correct title to use when addressing your note to a member of the clergy, academic, statesman or to royalty.

9. Do always say "thank you for your thoughtfulness" even if you don't like the gift. You can still show your appreciation for the care that went into selecting the gift.


Thank You Note Etiquette Suggestions from Thank You Note Wording.info


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