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Thoughtful Words For A Thank You Note
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Thank You Notes for Wedding Gifts

We've included examples of thank you notes for wedding gifts in case you're in need of ideas on writing out your "wedding thank yous". Composing thank you notes for wedding gifts should be thoughtful, but in your thoughtfulness, if you hold fast to a common rule, does not have to be that difficult.

The common rule when writing wedding thank you notes, is to include an introductory sentence, 3 supporting sentences and a closing sentence. There, you have it! - Not hard at all. The size of a traditional wedding thank you note is just large enough for one substantial paragraph.

When writing thank you notes for wedding gifts, remember to:
1. Express your appreciation for the wedding gift.

2. State what the gift will be used for and how unique and thoughtful you think it is.

3. If any help was given, make mention of it with words of gratitude.

4. Also make mention of seeing them at the wedding (if they were there) or how much you missed them if they were NOT there.

5. If you HATE the gift, no need to lie about it. Try to find something about the gift you like, and if that fails, at least let them know how much you appreciate the thought that went into choosing it.

Lastly, If a person or people took part in the actual wedding planning and/or wedding day along with giving you a gift, as well, than naturally your wedding thank you notes will be longer.

Well, hope this will help you in expressing your gratitude when composing your thank you notes for wedding gits to those who helped to make your most special day a memorable one.

Congratulations are in order - and all the best to you!
~ ThankYouNoteWording.info ~

Sample Thank You Notes for Wedding Gifts

Dear Auntie Bridgette,

Brette and I love our heart shaped waffle iron. We had delicious heart waffles with fresh strawberries and powered sugar on our first morning together as husband and wife. Thank you so much for such a thoughtful gift. We plan on having waffles for breakfast every Sunday, and we will think of you with each tasty morsel.

Love and kisses,
Jennie and Brette
Dear Uncle Carlos and Aunt Juliette,

Matthew and I just wanted to express our appreciation to you for the gift of money you have given us. Our plan is to add it to the funds we've saved for a down payment on our very first home in Carmel Valley. We look forward to your visit this summer, and we plan on making the guest room the coziest little place you will ever experience during your stay with us.

Take care and we'll see you soon.

Carla and Matthew

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Thank You Notes for Wedding Gifts from ThankYouNoteWording.info

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