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Thoughtful Words For A Thank You Note
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Thank You In Different Languages

Thank You. Two words with eight letters in them, but, with a lot of significance. I am sure you have been hearing and saying it all your life, and it is intriguing to know that there are so many ways to say thank you in different languages. Whether one says thank you in Spanish, thank you in German, or even the beautiful way of saying thank you in Japanese, the meaning is the same: loving acknowledgement, gratitude and appreciation.

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One day out of the blue, my husband thanked me for the daily chores that I did. and all of a sudden the hours that I had spent sweating and working seemed worth it! It’s amazing how just one small thank you made my face light up and changed the way I felt about doing those chores earlier in the day. The special touch to his gratitude was that he spoke his appreciation in Italian, and said in one of the most enchanting languages: "grazie amore mio" (thank you my love).

Thank You in Different Languages

Say Thank You in Many Languages

The power of a thank you is to be able to make an individual feel needed and wanted. At times it can be tricky to know when to say or write thoughtful words for a thank you note, but a really good start would be to think real hard about all those things that others have done for you. If a friend or loved one prepared a delicious meal then you would naturally thank him/her. If you realize that your subordinates spent a good deal of time organizing some tasks for you at work, thanking them immediately and letting them know how grateful you are would be the best thank you gift ever. Perhaps adding to that best gift ever, would be to say it in Spanish, or thank you in French, or German, or….

Imagine all the situations in which you would have loved to be thanked yourself. How did you feel when you did something really special for someone but you were never appreciated nor recognized for what you did? So to be grateful as well as creative, what better way to express yourself than to know how to write the words thank you in different languages.

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