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Thoughtful Words For A Thank You Note
For All Occasions

Write More Thank Notes - A New Year Resolution

Thank Notes:  You can make a commitment to write more thank you notes during the coming year and beyond, and you can write them on time.

We are all so very much in the habit of just uttering 'thank you' for most anything good that enters our life, without giving much thought to the process.  Why not instead of calling someone on the phone who has done a kind deed or has given you a gift, write a thank note?  I say thank note this way, because that is how my 4 year old daughter says it - "when are you going to send Auntie Kimmie your thank notes, Mommie?

So, in honor of my daughter, I will use the phrase "thank notes" when referring to the art of sending thank you notes.

There are many reasons to write thank notes.  For instance, sending a thank note after an interview would impress your future boss that you are not only right for the job, but you are considerate, as well.

You can purchase a box of blank thank you cards, and keep them on hand to send as needed - one thank you card at a time.  Often times, it is hard to remember to write any kind of note, and thank notes, which are in essence, very simple, can seem even harder when they are put off for another day.

The very next time a friend or love one is kind enough to do something thoughtful, perhaps sending you dinner when you weren't feeling well, send them a thank you note, or as my little girl so lovingly says, a Thank Note.

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