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Thoughtful Words For A Thank You Note
For All Occasions

Sample Interview Thank You Notes

Need Sample interview thank you notes? Sample interview thank you notes to help you with ideas in composing your short letter of thanks after an interview.

Use your best judgment and do what you feel is appropriate in choosing the right stationary to use to send your thank you note.

Business interview thank you notes open the door for further communication and gives you the ability to add one more important factor to your interview. So, use it as your final selling tool.

Do not restate your resume - however do use the interview thank you note for any additional ideas you might have, or ideas that you might have forgotten on your interview.

You are showing your potential employer that not only are you smart, but that you have excellent social graces.

The professional interview thank you note includes proper spacing, the date, and company contact information, along with your personal contact information, as well.

Following is a Sample interview thank you notes letter. If you need more choices, try the other links on our site.

The Best!
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Sample Interview Thank You Notes

"August 1, 2008 (date at the top of the page)

Ms. Joyce O'Connor, Director
California Fashion Mart
1111 26th Avenue
Los Angeles, Ca 90111

Dear Ms. O'Connor:

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for meeting with me this afternoon. I am aware of the pressure and excitement that is involved in working with California Fashion Mart, and I appreciate the amount of time you took to look at my work.

Although, I am a recent graduate of interior design school, I have spent many hours interviewing with several noted interior designers and I know how much hard work it takes to create and complete a successful project.

While I am fully aware that this week is extremely busy for you and possibly not the best time to think about new job applicants, I want to let you know once again that it would be my great pleasure to join your team.

I am attaching a color copy of one of my designs for your reference.

I will follow up with you next week.

(sign your name here)

Marjorie Anthony

Your email address
Your Phone Number
Your Address"

Sample Interview Thank You Notes from Thank You Note Wording.info

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