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Thoughtful Words For A Thank You Note
For All Occasions

Tips On How To Write A Thank You Note

A good way to show your gratitude is to learn how to write a thank you note, which should be written in a clear and organized manner so that the person receiving the note will really feel appreciated. If you are not sure how to write one, then this guide is for you.

Writing a note of thanks involves 2 things. First, is to let your guests know what you thanked them for. The second is why you thanked them. Aside from these main elements of the note, you can include a few lines of something personal, likes perhaps a private joke, a laugh, or something special that only you and the recipient are aware of. Writing a thank you note isn’t supposed to be tough. You can learn how to write a thank you note for almost any occasion. A baby shower is a good example, as well as one of the most memorable events for would-be mothers. Following then, are samples on how to write a baby shower thank you note.

Tips on How To Write a Baby Shower Thank You Note

Isn’t it nice to have a get together with friends who are wishing you well at your baby shower? They all made an effort to be there at your event and had the best time while playing pin the baby on the mummy, guessing the flavor of the Gerber’s baby food, and lovingly dazzled by the tiny socks, dresses and hats that were received. You can return the favor by letting your guests know that you appreciate their gifts by giving each of them a thank you note. Perhaps you're too tired form the party and you’re feeling all these discomforts because of your pregnancy, but there are many simple ways on how to write a thank you note.

Samples on How to Write A Thank You Note

Dear Elena,

The perfect dress for baby Anne, and the kind of dress I’ve longed for. I can't wait to have her picture taken wearing it, I’ll be sure to send it to you!

Thank you for this lovely baby gift and thanks also for attending my baby shower. Gatherings are the most fun when you're around!

(Your Name)


Another Example on How To Write a Baby Shower Thank You Note

Dear Mrs. Johnson,

Just want to let you know that we really appreciate the items for the baby. The bassinet, crib mattress and play pen are exactly what we need. My baby is lucky to have such a generous friend like you!

Thank you again for sharing, and we will see you soon.
(Your Name)
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