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Thoughtful Words For A Thank You Note
For All Occasions

A Business Thank You Notes Checklist

Send your business thank you notes immediately following a job interview -make sure that it is no later than two days after the meeting. Sending business thank you notes within this timeframe as a follow-up to your meeting, shows you would make a conscientious and productive employee, executive, consultant or for any other position you are interested in.

Following, is a business checklist that we hope will help you when writing your business thank yous. If you need business thank you notes samples to aid in writing business thank yous, click on our links here or on the left of this site. We have sample thank you note wording and business thank you samples that just might be what you're looking for.
View our Thank You Note Thesaurus for great adjectives and clever superlatives that might also help with writing business thank you notes.

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The Success Business Thank You Notes Checklist

* Send your thank you note immediately...(see our comment above...)
* Keep your note sincere and professional and limit your business thank you note to one page.

* If you type your thank you note, use business-appropriate fonts.

* Use only black or blue ink.

* Your closing should always be kept professional - "Sincerely" is an excellent choice.

* Handwrite your signature.

* Always, always proofread your letter. Read out loud and use the spell-check option in your word processor. Don't lose the opportunity simply because you were slppy - (aha, gotcha - the word is sloppy, but see what I mean?!)
* Reiterate your desire for the position, and clarify any uncertainties you might have conveyed in the interview. Show your strengths without bragging!
* Let him/her know you'll follow up, and when (if appropriate).

The Business Thank You Notes Stationery Checklist

* Use standard business size 81/2" x 11" high quality paper rather than regular white copy

paper (stay away from colors). Use either white or ecru.

* You can also use monarch sheets or executive sheets which are smaller and available in 7/14" x 10/1/2" size. You'll find these are perfect for the personal business thank you note, and they fit easily through a printer if necessary.
* Always use a matching envelope that includes your return address.

Here's to your total success in all your endeavors!

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Business Thank You Notes Checklist from Thank You Note Wording.info

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