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Thoughtful Words For A Thank You Note
For All Occasions

Thank You Cards - For Business and Corporate Occasions

Sending personalized business thank you cards is an important part of maintaining positive relationships with vendors, customers and other businesses. However, they can pose a big challenge if you're unsure what to include in those thank you business cards or if you're not very knowledgeable about thank you cards etiquette. Here are some helpful tips and suggestions for sending thank you postcards.

The Basics

First, you need to know what occasions merit the sending of corporate thank you cards. The golden rule is to say thank you any time someone does something nice for you or your company. For example, if a customer refers someone else to you then that would definitely warrant a corporate thank you card.

If you go to a potential client who listens to your proposal and may become a full-fledged customer, then send over some thank you cards. In fact, it's not a bad idea to send thank you cards for customers who have been loyal to you for the last year or two - that's just a nice way of showing your appreciation and of keeping your business in their minds. When you do send business thank you cards for specific acts of kindness, do so promptly. Do not wait longer than two weeks to get those cards in the mail. Otherwise, they lose much of their effectiveness.

Follow Up Thank You Card: Wording

Don't get too hung up on the wording of your thank you business cards. You want the message to be brief since the reader won't have any more time to read it than you did to write it. However, your message should be personalized and should be written by hand on the card. It's fine to use pre-printed follow up thank you cards but you'll want to add your own message at the bottom.

This makes the card's message seem more sincere and, therefore, the card has a greater impact.  If you're worried about your writing skills, don't be. Write out what you want to say on a piece of paper or on your computer then get feedback from one or two other people in your office. Make sure they spell and grammar check the content, too. Once the message is in good shape you can simply copy it onto the thank you notes.

An alternative idea is to ask someone in your office to write the message for you then you can copy it onto the business thankyou cards. Make sure you read the message carefully before dropping the card in the mail though.

Even though someone else wrote it, your name is the one associated with whatever it says.  If you're really stuck on what to say in your thank you business cards, simply say "Thank you for telling others about us" or "We appreciate your continued business" or whatever you want the card to convey. You don't have to get fancy or poetic on business thank you cards.

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