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Thoughtful Words For A Thank You Note
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Belated Thank You

Thank You Note Sample Wording

Oops...did you forget? Need thank you note sample wording to help with a belated thank you? We've included a few belated thank you note samples below if you're stuck on how to express your appreciation and gratitude to a friend or loved one.

We all know that saying 'thanks' is utmost when having received a gift, or if you are the recipient of a kind deed. We've all experienced a time when we've been so busy that we've forgotten or just haven't gotten around to sending a note of thanks. Better late than never, right? That IS right, you know.

In other words it's never too late to say thanks for any occasion - belated wedding thank you, belated anniversary thank you - any type of belated thank you note, card or letter will suffice.

So, if you're over and done with procrastination and in need of help, get out your pen and note card and feel free to use the belated thank you note sample wording provided below, and throughout our links.

Remember, the only graceful way to say thank you for something that happened in the distant past, is not only to be appreciative, but to be your loving self, as well.


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Belated Thank You Note Sample Wording

Thought You Should Know:
You could make an apology for being late in sending your 'belated thank you', but really, it is NOT necessary. You're better off simply writing the thank you note as if you are sending it right on time. Otherwise, the person might take offense, and feel the gift wasn't important to you.

Of course, if you've been under the weather, or bedridden, you could say: "I am feeling so much better, and your beautiful flowers helped me on the road to recovery. I apologize for not sending this sooner, but now that I'm back to normal, I'm writing to thank you..."
(Excerpt taken from advice given by Martha Stewart on expressing gratitude with a belated thank you note)

More on Belated Thank You Note Wording

~ Thank you so much! How did you know I collect stamps? ~

~ What a beautiful sculpture! I know you must have hunted
high and low to find such a treasure! Thank you, my friend. ~

~ You noticed that I liked this fabulous dress when we were
together last month. Thank you with all my heart! ~

~ I love this [insert gift/deed]! It will be placed on my
mantle as a reminder of you. ~

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Belated Thank You - Thank You Note Sample Wording from ThankYouNoteWording.info

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